How Furniture Affects Your Quality of Life

Do you know that the constant tension you feel building up in you might have more to do with the furniture in your living and/or working space than you think? 

Furniture is supposed to make our living and work spaces more habitable. They make it easier to carry out necessary routine activities like seating (chairs), sleeping (beds), storing items (cabinets), etc. Their design and use date back to prehistoric times when furniture was made from stones, animal bones, and other natural materials. Over the years, there has been an evolution in the designs, functionality, and even types of material used. This versatility offers a wide range of choices which is good considering the effect aesthetic appeal in addition to functionality has on the quality of life of their users. Research has shown that the state of our internal space, which includes furniture, has an impact on our mental health.

How Does Furniture Affect Quality of Life?

1. Quality of material used: This refers to the grade of materials used to make the furniture piece, like the wood type used, the fabric, and other accessories used. It also has to do with the health and environmental friendliness of these materials. Furniture made from poor quality would ultimately lead to damage to the furniture and injury to the users. 

2. Specific use of the furniture: Functionality is the primary purpose of furniture, thus having the appropriate furniture in the right size and design creates a mental feeling of purpose. Multifunctional furniture can be utilized to save more space while still having the functionality you desire. Some multifunctional furniture includes convertible work desks, retractable side tables, beds with hideaway storage, etc.

3. Colour of the furniture: Colour generally affects an individual’s mood, and it is important in furniture as well. In addition to choosing furniture with matching colour with that of the room, the colour shade and tone can either enliven the people in the room or depress them. Making the right colour choice for furniture would create a relaxing atmosphere in a room which in the long run improves the life quality of those in the room.

4. Design of the furniture: With versatility in the design of furniture comes options of simplicity and complexity. In choosing the furniture design for a space, it is important to consider where such furniture would be used and those that would use it. A beautifully designed furniture piece that is not usable by those it was purchased to serve can be frustrating, a waste of money and can in worse-case scenarios cause injury to its intended users.

5. Arrangement of the furniture: In arranging furniture, a perfect blend of style and spacial awareness is important to make the room more relaxing while still containing all functional furniture pieces needed. 

In summary, you can improve the quality of your life by paying more attention to your choice of furniture. If you need some help with this finding premium furniture in Lagos or any where in else, Leatherworld is your best option to achieve this. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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