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Modern italian couch set at leatherworld luxury italian furniture store in lagos and abuja, nigeria

Are you shopping for furniture for your sitting room, dining room, bedroom, or office, you might be wondering how to find the best furniture store in Lagos, Nigeria that would give you furniture that you would be proud of and of which you would not have to worry about the quality or durability. At Leatherworld, we pride ourselves as being among the top ranked furniture stores in Lagos, Nigeria. Of course, though we have furniture showrooms in these this major state, we deliver to any location in the country.

Here, we would let you know what makes us stand out as among the best furniture stores in Lagos and countrywide, Nigeria.

1. We are at the center of interior design in the west african market. We are aware of the latest trends in furniture design and we showcase them in our furniture showrooms in Lagos. Our furniture portfolio is distinguished with eclectic styles and designs that are connoisseurs of beauty and opulence ranging from the classical to the neo-classical, contemporary and occassional, everything to meet your taste.

2. We specialize in premium quality furniture. We have partnerships with luxury italian brands to bring to you the best in furniture design. So when you visit our furniture showrooms, you won’t have to worry about meeting old designs. We guarantee that you would be seeing quality and styles of furniture that you would find in developed countries which value taste and originality. All our furniture are made with top quality fine grained leather which is the best of the range, to provide you with an item that is long lasting and durable.

3. We have been in the furniture business since 1994 so we understand what our customers want particularly within the Nigerian market. We have taken time to position ourselves to effectively meet our clients’ interior design needs within the Nigerian social and cultural context.

4. Our furniture showrooms in Lagos are always stocked with dedicated furniture design specialists who are forward thinking and creative and who are simply there to help you choose the right kind of furniture for your home or office space.

5. Our customer service is second to none. From the moment of pre-sales enquiry to after-sales support, we are always there for you. We have specially trained customer service representatives that always make sure you have a stress-free and comfortable shopping experience with us. We treat our clients like royals because of the premium quality of furniture we sell.

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