Things You Should Know When Buying Leather Furniture

Some people may ask, why leather furniture? We’ll it is the best material to use for furniture. However to really get the best out of it there are things you should know ehen going for leather furniture.

Know the leather type

Leather is an attractive material that comes in a variety of styles, colors and strengths. It can be made to fit into any kind of furniture in the home or office. However when buying leather furniture, ask about the type of leather used as this can impact the durability of the furniture.
Full grain leather indicates that the full skin is used while a split grain will indicate an inner layer has been treated to look like the exterior of the skin, but is not as strong as full grain. Leather is subject to the imperfections on the hide it was taken from. In our furniture showrooms in Lagos, Lekki and Abuja, we use only full grain leather for all our furniture so you have nothing to worry about in terms of getting the best quality material. Furthermore, our experts are well trained to tell you the kind of leather that would work best for the space you want to use it.

Ask about the tanning technique

 The way the hides are tanned will also affect the feel, durability and appearance of leather. Analine leather is dyed in a drum, allowing the dye to fully penetrate the leather. Analine is the softest and the drum dying process gives a rich finish and color to the hide. Semi-analine is also dyed in a drum and has a small amount of coating applied to make it more resistant to stains. Pigmented leather has the coloring applied to the outside of the skin rather than through-and-through and can offer some additional protection to scratches. Bonded leather is an inexpensive upholstery version where split grain leather is applied to a vinyl or plastic base.

Check the furniture features

Because leather is long-lasting, it’s not a good idea to mix upholstery on the same piece of furniture. For example, pairing vinyl and leather on the same piece may cause trouble later as vinyl has a significantly shorter lifespan. For removable seat cushions, make sure that they are fully zippered. The cushion foam will wear out before the leather does, so you’ll want to be able to replace inner cushions easily.

Check the furniture construction

The longevity of leather demands a solid frame construction to last as long as the covering. A solid wood or steel frame can match up to the longevity of the leather upholstery. Check the stitching to ensure a tight finish on seams. Leather can be a bit slippery, so some styles work better in leather than others. Scatterback pillows may be challenging to keep on a leather couch, and generally, leather seems to work best in relatively simple lines.

Understand the maintenance needs

Leather has a durable surface and is very easy to maintain. A general wipe with a clean cloth on a regular basis should be enough to keep it clean. Most spills will also wipe up easily, though light colored leather may stain darker when exposed to a highly pigmented source, such as red wine or grape juice. However you should still ask at the store if there are any extra maintenance acts that you need to carry out on the furniture after buying home. To further reduce the maintenance needs, if you have a family with small children or pets you can opt for furniture with a darker pigment.

Expect improvement over time

Leather is four times more durable than fabric. It actually improves with age. It is exactly the kind of furniture material that can endure a harsh environment. Leather furniture will soften over time. The leather warms to body temperature within a few seconds of contact and breathes well, so it remains a comfortable seating option all year round.

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