Tips for cleaning leather sofas

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The weather in Nigeria tends to be very hot and dust. This is one of the reasons why leather furniture is the best kind of furniture to buy in Lagos, Abuja or other parts of Nigeria. Leather quickly warms to your body temperature and it is very easy to clean, requiring little maintenance. Besides, it can endure harsh environments such as that found in Nigeria without compromising its quality over time.

Customers usually come into our furniture stores in Lagos wondering how they can keep their leather furniture as fresh and new as they bought it and we usually give them the same advice you would be reading in this article. Since we sell only full grain italian leather sofas, which are the best in the market, there’s not much you have to do to keep your leather furniture looking fresh and new because high quality leather sofas are easy to maintain. They are durable and age beautifully with time.

Nevertheless, here are some simple and handy tips to keep your leather sofa happy and healthy:

Dust and wipe routinely

Regularly dusting and wiping of your leather sofa is one of the easiest yet most important thing you can do to keep your leather sofa in great look. As simple as it sounds, most of the damage sofas get comes from accumulation of dust and substances such as food, drinks, and sweat. So you don’t need to wait till you see some stains or substances on your leather sofa before you clean it. Frequent dusting and wiping would go a long way in maintaining its fresh and new appearance.

All you need to do is to simply use a slightly damp cloth, without detergent or soap, to gently wipe the surface of the sofa. You can make this a weekly routine and it will go a long way to keep your leather in great condition.

Don’t let the stains set

While high quality leather sofas are durable and harder to stain compared to fabric upholster or low-grade/faux leather, they still require some general care in this regard. We all love to eat and drink on our comfortable leather sofas watching T.V. with friends and family. It is inevitable that one time or the other, the leather sofa would get stained.

Whenever a spillage occurs, immediately use a clean absorbent cloth to clean and dry the leather. If necessary, moisten a soft cloth with lukewarm water and damped the affected areas, then let it air dry naturally.

If the leather is stained with more stubborn substances such as greasy or oily stains, or if the stain has set in overnight, it may require you to use additional cleaning products. Always make sure you use the right cleaning product for your leather, and we would cover this next.

Always use the right cleaning products

When you want to use a cleaning product such as soap or detergent to clean your leather sofa, always make sure you use the right one. If possible, use products that have been tested and dedicated specifically for leather sofas. But you can also do some testing yourself. Even if the product says something like “suitable for all leather,” it may contain chemicals that do not work well with certain types of leather.

All you need to do first of all is to put a small quantity of the product on a part of the leather that is hidden and watch the reaction. Make sure there is no discolouration or adverse effect. If later, everything is fine, you can then use the product properly on the stain you want to remove.


Due to the Nigerian environment, purchasing a high quality leather sofa is a must, if you want your furniture to last for many years. In our furniture stores in Lagos and Abuja you would see full grain italian leather sofa that is not only beautiful, but also easy to maintain. With such proper care, your sofa will withstand the test of time and age beautifully.

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